After every workout, our bodies need to replenish. We hydrate, and then we choose a healthy snack to balance our electrolytes, allow our muscles to repair themselves with lean protein, and add some superfoods to make sure our bodies are fueled and working at their optimum level. Consuming the perfect workout snack within an hour of finishing our workout ensures that the protein and nutrients we consume are utilized efficiently. It’s important to remember that, along with fitness routines that have our hearts racing and our muscles pumping, we need to add meals and snacks to our diet that compliment our workouts and make sure we get the most of each lunge, squat, and minute on the elliptical.

But since we try to stay away from and prepackaged bars, at SkinnyMs., we make our own. And to take away the hassle, we’ve come up with a simple, no bake workout bar recipe! Fiber-rich complex carbohydrates, such as oats and raisins, are combined with protein-rich protein powder and peanut butter. Flax seeds and chia seeds add superfood power, while chocolate gives you a satisfying flavor.
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