Every year since I can remember, I have vowed to lose weight at the start of the new year. But then life gets going, and my social calendar fills up with eating and drinking plans that I can’t seem to back out of. Last year, though, I found a way to change this pattern: I started using the Weight Watchers app.

If you’re not familiar with how Weight Watchers works, you’re given a certain amount of points to eat each day, and an extra amount of weekly points to use during days when you go over your daily amount. Every food you eat is worth a number of points, which are calculated based on nutritional values like protein, calories, fat, and carbs. You are also given a certain number of activity points you have to accrue each day, but you can’t redeem these points for food.

At first it wasn’t easy. I quickly realized that although some foods were low in calories, they were high in points. I spent the first week pretty much starving until I figured out what foods I needed to eat that were low in points and would fill me up. Eventually, I started eating much more than I used to each day – and I actually started losing weight.

Not to mention, I was able to go out to dinner and drinks with friends without worrying about my “diet.” After all, Weight Watchers isn’t a diet – it’s a lifestyle change. If you’re thinking about joining Weight Watchers to lose weight or just to become healthier, here are some things you’ll need in your kitchen to succeed. Good luck!
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